The historical heritage of wine, to which the Greeks and Romans dedicated their gods, requires that we treat it with dignity in all aspects.

That is why Greek architecture, which many regard to be the pinnacle of human creativity and is deeply intertwined with Greek mythology, inspired the Preiner Wines’ visual identity. All aspects of our brand, including the logo, typography, and materials, are interwoven with carefully chosen symbols and motifs of Greek architecture.


The Preiner Wine logo is a monogram, a motif composed of intertwined letters that form a symbol resembling the Preiner family’s shield and coat of arms. The logo emphasizes the family’s entire identity; it is compact and powerful, but also playful, because,  in addition to the two letters “P” and one letter “W”, it is constructed so that its elements can form the surname Preiner.


The font for Preiner Wines was inspired by classical architecture, columns and flutes, as its most recognizable elements. Columns provide a vital functional purpose besides being decorative: they carry the weight of the load to the ground. Flutes, on the other hand, are purely aesthetic components, semicircular grooves that visually enhance the object’s height and elegance. Preiner Wines are distinguished by their strength, beauty, and elegance, as well as their tradition – characteristics that we associate with columns from Greek and Roman antiquity. With a minimalist approach and these classical components in mind, and with elegance as a guiding thread, a typeface was designed. It mimics strong pillars in shape while exuding simple sophistication, thanks to the contrast and lines so thin they disappear.


“…the hand is a tool of tools”, said Aristotle. The hand reaching up from the ground, embracing what the Earth has given it and aiming for the heights: this is a symbol of Preiner Wines, which strives to make wine of the finest quality.

A hand acts, creates, and produces. A hand also connects, and is a symbol of encounters, familiarity, and comfort. It is an integral part of the Preiner brand, and can be found on the labels of the Preiner wines, the result of family effort and love.