About us

The Preiner winery has existed since 2002, when Darko and Štefica Preiner established a professional wine production based on the foundations that Darko’s father laid with domestic production. Darko and Štefica have revitalized and expanded the vineyards before passing the business on to a third generation, their son Nenad and his wife Nataša, in 2015. 

Continuing the story started by his father and grandfather, Nenad dedicated himself to the production of varietal wines and introduced the first label in 2016.

The cellar, the technology, and the overall identity of Preiner Wines grow in parallel with the vineyard and production expansion. Thanks to the expert guidance and modern approach of the younger generation, Preiner winery has entered a modern era, with a new visual identity and is currently embarking on marketing efforts targeted at growing sales and market positioning.